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RivAir 9'6" WW-deal

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Information JP Australia RivAir 9'6" x 35"

You want to get the same rush SUPing on inland waters as the wave SUPers have on their ideal dream breaks in tropical destinations?
A truly exciting and thrilling adventure lies ahead of you because with the RIVAIR  you can go radical and hit some big foam rollers and steam down fast moving waters.

JP Australia has been working on a dedicated white water board with experienced white water SUP riders from France, USA and Austria. It is 9‘6“x35“x6“ with a rather pointy and rockered nose to go through white water with ease. The super stable 35 inch width was agreed to be the best size among all riders involved in the development.  The RIVAIR  features a quad setup with four 3,0“ short soft fins (fixed) so that it can go even through really shallow water and be directional while you do not have to worry about breaking a fin.
Additionally we decided to also add a central large fin (removable) so that the board can be used as a recreational big SUP.
The D-ring is placed on top of the nose as a precaution that it does not catch anything through the shallows.
Apart from the standard leash D-ring on the tail we added four additional D-rings with a bungee cord on deck for on-board storage.

A new board for a new thrill in SUPing! Try to exploit new territories so far exclusively reserved for the wild water kayak paddlers. The rivers lie there for you ready to be challenged – and with the necessary precaution you can feel like an ancient discoverer of new worlds.

Lenght: 290 cm | 9'6"
Width: 89 cm | 35"
Thickness: 15 cm | 6"
Volume: 290 L
Weight: 9,9 kg
Max. pressure: 15 psi
Fins: 4 (quad-fin) system + 1 center fin
Recommended User weight:
Windsurf insert:
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