Ka-honi Mahalo 11'5"

Ka-honi Mahalo 11'5"

Ka-honi Mahalo 11'5" x 30"
The Mahalo is a great board for allround usage. 11'5" is a great length to keep a good glide and to manoeuvre easily. With it's 30" width it's stable and easy to paddle even for a longer distance.
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  • Brand:Ka-honi
  • Delivery time:1-2 working days

Ka-honi Mahalo 11'5" x 30"

“Mahalo” is Hawaiian for gratitude.
The Mahalo 11’5 was developed after riding lots of boards before and putting all the knowledge and experience into this model.
The Mahalo 11’5 is narrow enough to be fast for people who would like to tour and explore yet it is wide enough to be stable for people who are just learning the sport. Young and old.

The board has a cargonet in the front so you can bring your luggage along. There is also a small 8mm hole in the front of the soft diamond EVAdeck. That hole is for you to screw your windsurfing baseplate in in case you want to go windsurfing. How cool is that!
The board is great for schools and being inflatable it comes with a backpack so you can take it on a plane or store it anywhere you wish.

+ Nose D-ring (underside)
+ Rear and front grab handle
+ US-Finbox for use with any fin
+ Cargo net
+ Diamond EVAdeck

11’5 x 30” x 6” or 348cm x 76,2cm x 15.2m
Optimum body mass <85kg
Maximum body mass <110kg

  • Lenght: 11'5" | 348 cm
  • Width: 11'5" | 348 cm
  • Thickness: 6" | 15cm
  • Volume:
  • Weight:
  • Max. pressure: 15 psi
  • Fins: US finbox (centerfin)
  • Recommended User weight: 60-110 kg
  • Windsurf insert: No

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