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Information Makani TERE fin

TERE: Sprint & Downwind Race SUP fin (Weed Proof)

Area: 250 cm2

The TERE race is a high performance Downwind and Sprint SUP race fin.

Overall Specifications:

  • Extreme thin foil (maximum speed an minimum of drag)
  • Optimal control in high and low speed
  • Perfect to follow runners in a short distance dense race
  • Optimal for downwind
  • Less drag surface for excellent sprint capability
  • Carbon and Carbon/Honeycomb structure (light weight fin)
  • 45 degree leading edge rake angle (from vertical) gives weed no change

Louis (designer): "The TERE has been designed with less surface and a specific 2D profile to let the SUP rider perform in its downwind run. This fin is also excellent in a dense race when you want to stay in the draft (Slipstream) of the rider in front of you. To complete its versatile aspect, use it for a sprint with less drag as possible under your board."

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