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Bermuda 9'9"

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Information Mistral Bermuda 9'9" x 30,5"

The concave nose of all of our Bermuda boards creates added lift when traveling over water and prevents nose-diving. The boards are design inspired by the classic long-board form. With a slightly narrower tail, this board glides well in the waves, allowing quicker, faster turns. This is the board for riders searching for the more radical feel of that of a shorter board, while keeping a feeling of stability.

This tolerant all-water shape will give you the ability to go out no matter what and is forgiving to poor feet positioning or turning techniques. The shape is conceived to provide the best balanced feeling when paddling on flat water and the ability to play in small to medium sized waves. The Bermuda shapes have a slightly thinner rail design to allow easier carving on surf and improved maneuverability. All are great windsurf beginner boards!

Stability EVA pad
The stability pads guarantee comfortable standing, because the deck curvature becomes flat through the addition of the raised pads. You can stand further on the outside and therefore have more stability.

With Bermuda All Round boards, you will enjoy the SUP experience and have fun paddling with friends and family on a board which provides excellent price/ performance ratio for all-water use. These long-board styled SUPs, are ideal for beginners, flat-water cruising, and entry-level and advanced stand up paddle surfing. Super easy to ride and turn, they are surprisingly fast and work in a wide range of conditions.

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LENGTH 9‘9“ | 301 CM
WIDTH 30.5“ | 77 CM
THICKNESS 4.1“ | 10.5 CM


The construction is built in a mold which has the advantage that all boards are identical. Three layers of fiberglass cloth are wrapped around the styrofoam core in an epoxy resin matrix to form an inner sandwich wall in combination with strong and durable 1.0 mm original wood including an extra layer of wood on the deck. The core materials are then ‘sandwiched‘ into the board during the molding process. The unique properties of wood are its natural rigidity, superior resistance to compression and higher energy absorption compared to other materials.

When the wood is molded together with the fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin, a very hard outer layer is created that gives the board a very durable ‘shell’. Because of the extra strength the wood gives the board, the boards are very durable and a lighter EPS foam can be used which makes the boards extremely light. This double wood sandwich construction is an expensive addition to add value to the boards and make them last longer.

The advantages of this technoloy are that the boards are all light weights with the highest dynamic shape stability and flex.

Lenght: 9'9" | 301 cm
Width: 30,5" | 77 cm
Thickness: 4,1" | 10,5 cm
Volume: 145 L
Weight: 9,5 kg
Fins: Thruster fin set up | Big fin 19 cm | 7,5" | US box and 2 9cm MTT side fins
Recommended User weight:
Windsurf insert:
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