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Mistral Nautique 12'6" x 32"

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Mistral Nautique 12'6" x 32"

Inspired with a nautical theme, the Nautique takes its inspiration from rigid inflatable boat (RIB) designs and is presented in stark marine white and grey, in keeping with a traditional look and feel sure to please the boating eye, so as to not be out of place in Monaco or Papeete, or when secured to the railings or davits of a luxury yacht or boat.

In addition, Mistral have included connectivity to permit the attachment of a kayak styled seat so as the user can sit and paddle with a kayak blade. This permits greater versatility of the craft and can make trips to shore for provisions an easier task when the need arises in choppy waters or when the wind freshens.

Combine this with convenience of durable, tough, drop stitch inflatable technology and you have a highly appealing water craft, set to inspire the imagination of the yacht and boat user. Store on deck, store below, the Nautique ticks many boxes and is uniquely suited to its purpose.

Key features:

Body Weight Indicators: The ideal body-weight (mass) of the paddler suited to this board, is up to, or below the first weight indicated.
Beyond the optimum body weight and up to the maximum, the board's performance will be compromised.
We suggest the board is not suited to body weights above the maximum indicated.

  • 12’6” x 32” x 6” x 28.35lbs Optimum body mass <230lbs Optimum paddler weight
  • 356.76cm x 81,28cm x 15,24cm x 12.8kgs Optimum body mass <104kg max <134kg
  • Cargo capacity recommended front and back <20 kg (44lbs)
  • Stainless steel D-ring connector,
  • Nose and tail D-ring for towing or anchoring
  • Rear grab handle
  • Simple slide in, slide out fin / push pin securement
  • Bow and rear cargo net
  • D-rings for kayak seat fitment
  • Central carry handle
  • Multiple side handles for easy grab and reach from any angle
  • Splashguard around bow
  • Forward grab handle
  • Bumper nose shape
  • High volume to carry heavy loads
Lenght: 11'5" | 348cm
Width: 32" | 81.3cm
Thickness: 6" | 15cm
Weight: 12.86 kg
Max. pressure: 15psi
Fins: Slide-in Fin
Recommended User weight: <100 kg max <130kg
Windsurf insert: No
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