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WindSUP 10'0"

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Information Mistral WindSUP 10'0"

Paddle or Wind Power

length 10’ / 300 cm
width 33” / 84 cm
thickness 6” / 15 cm
volume 288 L
weight 16.5 lbs / 7.5 Kg
fin US box fin system 
single fin

Mistral Cross-Over boards have split personalities - and if you are looking for a simply brilliant 2 in 1 package, the ability to transform the board from a paddle craft to a sailing craft offers fantastic value for family, friends and the individual.  

From a paddling point of view, the smaller the board, the smaller the rider should be - but that's not to say you can't have fun whatever your size. Typically the 10’ is nimble and will put a smile on your face all day long and of course, being one of Mistral super-light European models (Read about the technology) the board is super convenient to transport, store and set up from paddling to windsurfing (WindSUP®).

“From setting my Mistral board up to packing it away, the whole experience is easy and stress free. Being so compact to transport and effortless to make ready, it really does provide me with a sense of freedom. From the moment I am on the water, I feel confident. It’s stable and easy to handle, giving me the ability to move around the board. It makes me feel like pushing my boundaries and fills me with a sense of adventure, as if anything is possible.”

Hannah Janes - Equestrian, Water-Lover, Model 

Mistral Cross-Over boards offer the ultimate cross-over experience from paddling to windsurfing (WindSUP®). 

The Cross-Over Element - From Paddling to Sailing

  • Mistrals system uses a simple belt and buckle system with a unique plate that comes supplied with the board For more detailed images
  • This will permit you to attach any conventional screw in Diabalo mast foot and use either your own rig or that of someone elses.
  • You could for example travel with the board and attachments and rent / borrow a rig on arrival somewhere.
  • Alternatively, Mistral have just completed the testing of their own custom demountable rig for release in June 2015.

Demountable WindSUP® rig system.

Although many of our hardboards boards have had the facility to add a windsurfing rig, it is only now that we have ventured to create a fully demountable system, which permits the traveller, to take their rig with them. Developing a break apart boom and mast and designing a simple secure mast base attachment system, has been a challenge for our design team. The feedback from those who used to sail longer boards many years ago, is that it takes them back to a time when the sport was fun, laid back, simple and genuinely elevated your spirits without the need for high winds.
(Availlable from June 2015 - For detailed images)

Like a run-away train, the very nature and essence of what made Windsurfing fun was eroded by over zealous attention to extremes of conditions and extremes of equipment. This is a low wind, non-threatening, good-time alternative which brings the sport of windsurfing right back to where it started, accepting everything’s lighter, easier, smarter and the fun is just as big as it ever was. This is bare bones Windsurfing at its best - still a great sport and fun for all given this super simple value-added solution.

Lenght: 300 cm | 10'0"
Width: 84 cm | 33"
Thickness: 15 cm | 6"
Volume: 288 L
Weight: 7,5 kg
Max. pressure: 15 psi
Fins: fin US box fin System Single fin 2x
Recommended User weight:
Windsurf insert:
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