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Starboard GO 10'8" Starshot WAVE

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Starboard GO 10'8" x 31" Starshot WAVE

When you have the space to store a hardboard and you doubt between a hardboard or inflatable board. Then come and try the Starboard GO! And say so yourself ... when you see this board, doesn't it make you happy only by seeing the board?

The Starboard GO is a hardboard with a concave in the middle of the board. This gives the board a good glide and it is also super stable.

A perfect board for touring and/or performing yoga / pilates exercises.

When you want a complete package, than order also the matching paddle!



Strap: The GO has an integrated carrying system to carry the board with a strap over your shoulder. That makes it easier to move on land.


Rail saver: A rail saver is fitted on the rail. If you hit the rails of the board with your paddle, it is well protected by means of the rail saver. }


Bungee inserts: Attachment points are attached to the front of the board to enable an elastic to be attached. You can also take luggage with you when you go on the water.


Flat deckpad: The part you're on is extra flat. This way you are stable and it is possible to do exercises on your board.


FCS insert: An FCS insert is attached to the nose of the board. This makes it possible to attach an action camera, for example.



The drawings in front of the boards were made by Sonni Hönscheid. Sonni is current World champion SUP!

“Painting is like writing a diary for me about all my experiences, journeys discovering exotic places & different cultures around the world. That´s how I found my very own style. A technique with special acrylic pens allows me to bring my impressions of the stunning nature of Hawaii, the animating rough north sea of Sylt or the sand desert of Fuerteventura onto canvas. My paintings often tell a story. The viewer on a closer look always discovers new context in the flowing lines.

As an high performance athlete doing SUP races I always want to be the fastest, in the art I find the peace, take my time… For me it´s the perfect balance. The “Tikhine” is the result of an amazing collaboration with Starboard, being able to combine my two biggest passions presenting my art on the best boards.“Sonni Hönscheid


Lenght: 10'8" = 325cm
Width: 31" = 78cm
Thickness: 4,5" = 11,5 cm
Volume: 192L
Weight: 11,4 kg
Fins: center fin US box
Recommended User weight: 55-100 kg
Windsurf insert: No
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