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SupR Paddles Wave Ergologic

The SupR Wave Ergologic is an allround wave blade with the ergologic shaft. An allround paddleblade wich you can you in the waves as well as on flatwater. The Ergologic shaft increases momentum and gives a higher speed with using less power. ...More information

Information SupR Paddles Wave Ergologic

The WAVE ergologic blade shape is designed to use in all circumstances. It’s easy to enter the water, and perfect to control if you paddle small to medium size waves. Weight 575 gram

After nearly two years of development in cooperation with former World Champion in White water racing, Olaf Schwarz, we developed a Stand Up Paddle with the distinctive Ergologic shaft. The reason to develop this shaft was that we were convinced that the ergonomics of the existing straight shafts was not right and a lot of energy put in strokes was spilled. The continues curved shape of the shaft is to ensure the optimal power transmission of the towing arm with all fingers and a straight wrist. Because of the continues curve of the shaft it is possible to enter the water 30 centimetres further in front than with normal straight shafts. This increases momentum and gives a higher speed with using less power. This helps you to accelerate catching waves.

Another big advantage of the ergonomic shaft design is that it makes paddling less physically demanding and reduces the risk of injuries of the wrists and shoulders. The ovalised hand grip ensures a very comfortable grip feeling while making side changes one side of the board to the other and back.

Our SEMI-CORE concept is the latest innovation in blade design and production technology.
The combination of the our unique production technology, using ultra high pressure and high temperature combined with aerospace quality materials make the semi-core concept paddles the summit in paddle quality.

• Especially designed for wave riding and versatile paddle use.
Full carbon blade, shaft & grip
Low volume of the blade for easy enter and exit of the water.
Innovative design and high end quality.
Made for the extreme, and to use for many years.
Available in 1 size only (M)

  • Shaft material: Full carbon
  • Blade material: Full carbon or Semi-carbon
  • Weight: 590 gram of 640 gram
  • Blade surface: 660 cm2
  • Angle: 6 degrees

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