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Wailua 11'0" Cruizer SUPER package deal

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Information Wailua 11'0" package deal

Wailua SUP-Package deal with € 300, - discount:

Wailua 11'0"Cruizer               normal price   €    779, -
11'0"boardbag                      normal price   €      99, -
Wailua Full Carbon Paddle     normal price   €    159, -
Paddle bag                           normal price   €      29, -
Wailua leash                         normal price   €      23, -
Wailua SUP-board carrier       normal price   €      29, -
Wailua T-shirt                       normal price   €      24, -
Shipping                               normal price   €      70, -
                                       Total normal price  € 1.212, -

                  Now a total package deal for only €    899, -

11'0" Wailua Board, a very stable, light weight and surflook and -feel
The WailuaBoards are handmade epoxy. This means each board is unique! By handwork and high quality construction principle, the board is also very light in its kind with 10.7 kg. The EPS lightweight core form is the base of the board with a balsa wood stringer in order to connect the two parts and to generate stiffness. Multiple layers of epoxy and micro-lite filler, paint layer and protective layer board make it rigid to give it a good response in the water, but flexible enough to also be able to absorb a blow from a larger wave. The glossy finish gives the board a very high-quality appearance!

Dimensions:      11'0" x 31" x 4.5 "
335 x 78 x 11 cm

Volume:                180 Liter
Weight:                 10.7 kg
Including:              7 "(18 cm) Single Fin and 2 FCS side vins

                   10 mm SUP Deckpad 3M, color black

11 "Wailua Boardbag, very firm
The 11" boardbag is made of nylon and therefore very durable. The zippers are heavy duty and thus suitable for prolonged use. The recess for the fin causes you the board with Vin sure can lose it. There's a heavy duty handle and a carry strap which is removable.

The way to transport your board safely and without damage.

Wailua SUP Paddle carbon fiber, very light and super stiff!
The Full Carbon Wailua SUP paddle has the best price / quality ratio on the market.

The Wailua Paddle is a full carbon paddle. This makes it super stiff and thus responds to each paddle moves you make. The length of the standard paddle is 218 cm but must be tailored to best suit your style and height. (Short for waves, touring means longer).

Paddles are made of 100% Carbon Fiber.

Paddle length:                         218 cm.
Weight:                                  700g
Paddle Blade:                          23 cm

Wailua paddle bag, protect your beautiful and expensive paddle
The Wailua Sup paddle bag protects your nice carbon paddle from damage during transport. Of course, to use for other brands paddles.
Maximum length 220 cm. For shorter paddles it’s easy to adjust the size.

Wailua SUP leash red
Details: TPU strap; Stainless steel connections, double twisted.
The ankle strap has a velcro tape pocket for a car key to store.
Which can then safely on the water and there’s no risk of loss.
Wailua Sup leash is the most affordable quality leash on the market

Wailua SUP Carrier, the way to carry your board
The aid that helps you carry your board. The handy system has become a mulitipurpose product. Wailua Sup Carriers are made to help you carry your board a lot easier.

The carrier is equipped with quick release connections allowing you to place the two adjustable loops around your board. There are pieces of Velcro tape to fasten your paddle. The padded shoulder strap ensures that you can comfortably carry your board to or from the water.

If you're touring, you can take the carrier with you in a supplied bag. Here you can also take along slippers and other items and easily click the hip bag around your waist.

The must-have for the avid sup surfer in windy Netherlands so you will be bothered less while wearing the SUP. Can also be used for surfing- and windsurfing boards.

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Windsurf insert:
Andre 02-07-2016 20:01

Geweldige board

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