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Starboard Air Stream 9'6" x 36" x 6" whitewater
The 2017 Starboard Inflatable 9’6″ Stream (now known as the River) is designed with world
renowned white water paddler, Dan Gavere, who researched the outline and rocker profile to help
make this the best choice for entry level and experienced paddlers.
Starboard iGo Touring Zen lite 12'6" x 30" x 6"
De Starboard 12'6 "Touring Zen Lite uit 2019 is een prijsbewuste versie van de befaamde Starboard Touring Deluxe en Zen boards.
Starboard YOGA DASHAMA Zen 10'0" x 35"
10’0″ x 35″ Yoga Dashama Stable and wide enough for progressive yoga poses. The Yoga
Dashama is the perfect yoga platform from entry level to expert.
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