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Inflatable VS hardboard

Inflatable VS hardboard

Maybe you already have a board or you are about to purchase a board.

Read more information about the pros and cons of inflatable and hardboards here. 
Starboard has designed a handy graphic that shows at a glance which properties the boards have.


If you have the space to store it, a means of transport to transport it and you can lift it, we recommend a hardboard. 

The performance of a hardboard compared to an inflatable can simply be called better.
The biggest reason is that a hardboard is stiffer than an inflatable board.  

Wind and waves
An inflatable is relatively thick over the entire length of the board and is higher on the water than a hardboard. With a bit more wind (and waves), a hardboard is more pleasant to paddle than an inflatable.  

Transport and storage
In terms of transport and storage, an inflatable "wins" over hardboard.
If you want to travel a lot with your board (such a cool way to experience the world!), you don't live that big or you don't have a car, an inflatable board with three-piece paddle in a travel bag, complete with roller wheels and a pump, the best option for you.

The other reason you might choose inflatable is that they are generally lighter and easier to lift and carry. And if you use your board often, you can always leave it inflated and tie it to a car.  

An inflatable can also take a beating much better than an (epoxy / carbon) hardboard. However, if an inflatable punctures (especially at seams), it cannot or hardly be repaired. A hole usually still works, but on seams it is a different story.  A hardboard can be very well repaired by yourself or in case of greater damage by a professional repairer.  

Quality inflatable
The above advantages and disadvantages have hopefully given you a little more information so that you can make your choice a bit better. Are you going for an inflatable? Check this page for more information about inflatable boards. There is a huge selection there. One board is really not the other board. Be well informed which board and corresponding quality is / is not suitable for you.

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