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A400 W long tights
During SUP it's harder for your legs then you will expect. Looking for a long tight that’s proven to help improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury?

The SKINS A400 Men’s Long Tights are constructed using five different technical fa...
SUP Endurance Hydro Bag
Always take care of your self and bring enough water with you while you are paddling. This Mystic Endurance Hydro bag is easy to take with you and can provide you 1,5 L of water.
Mystic SUP Endurance long sleeve
Mystic endurance neoprene longsleeve shirt for SUP. This shirt is made of 1,5 mm soft touch neoprene with perforated neoprene on the back parts for a higher breahtability.
SUP Quickdry vest shortsleeve
A Mystic quickdry short sleeve shirt. This shirt is breatable, loose fit, UV protection and has two pockets on the lower back. This shirt can also be used for MTB (for example), a multifunctional item!
SUP Endurance float vest
Mystic Endurance floatvest is a highly visible floatvest for Stand Up Paddling. Try to minimize your risks, use a PFD!
SUP Endurance Race Long John
The Mystic Endurance Long John is only 1,5mm thick and it has perforated neoprene parts on the back for high breathability.
Relay Pant
Stay ahead with the Relay running leggings. Made with Xtra Life Lycra fabric for excellent recovery and colour retention, the recycled nylon isn't the only detail we love—the fabric is breathable and quick drying too.
Mystic SUP Endurance pant
Mystic neoprene pant for SUP. Made of soft neoprene and is perforated on the back parts for a better breathabillity.
Mystic Diva neoprene pants 2 mm women Navy/Lime
Mystic neoprene pants for women. 2mm thick.
Mystic SUP Thermal Bipoly pant 2019
This is a Mystic thermo pant. This pant has wind and waterproof shin panels to keep the muscles in your shins as warm and dry as possibe. It's a lightweight pants with a soft lining and it's also a quick dry fabric.
This pant is not made of neopre...
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