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Fanatic Viper Air
Without a doubt the Viper Air 358 is the most desirable inflatable WindSUP ever. Lighter and tougher than traditional boards, it’s the ideal water sports toy. Pure fun for the whole family, schools and clubs.
Starboard Astro Blend Zen
The Starboard Astro Blend is a very nice allround board. Easy when you traveling arround. It has a width tail for a better stability. With its length also good for a good glide and speed when paddling on flatwater.
3Bay 12'6" extrem allwater
The 3Bay SUP 12'6" Extrem allwater is available in different sizes, from 24,5" to 27" width. This depands on your preferences. All 3Bay boards are custom made!
3Bay 14'0" SUP Classic Allwater
Easy to use, enjoyable, dependable and solid, the Race Allwater Classic is for all levels of paddlers. The board is light and versatile, designed for use in all types of water and conditions : Oceans, lakes, rivers, donwwind and surf on small waves f...
3Bay 14'0" Classic flat water
A high-performance model designed for speed and reactivity on flat water, SUP race 14 “CLASSIC”. Without a doubt the royalty of long distance races. This lightweight and versatile board, is ideal for lakes, rivers, canals and for maximum speed and gl...
10'8" Active
Red Paddle have taken their super popular 10’8” ride model and made some changes to produce the very bestYoga and Pilates SUP board. Their Tec Air construction means you get a super rigid board perfect for these disciplines.
Red Paddle 11'3" Sport
The 11’0” and 11'3" Sport offers a step up from the Ride family and has been designed for the more experienced paddler to deliver more speed and dynamic performance (although they’re not race boards). Their secret lies in their shape.
3Bay 14'0" Extrem flatwater
A high-performance model designed for flat water and speed, SUP race 14’ “EXTREM” is for experienced paddlers.
Santa Anna WINDSUP packagedeal
The WindSUP® Santa Anna has been designed to be as practical as possible as both SUP and WindSUP®, so much so, that Mistral have ensured the rig pack fits as deck cargo so as the end user can paddle off in one direction and return under sail power, o...
Ka-honi Mahalo 11'5"
Ka-honi Mahalo 11'5" x 30"
The Mahalo is a great board for allround usage. 11'5" is a great length to keep a good glide and to manoeuvre easily. With it's 30" width it's stable and easy to paddle even for a longer distance.
Do you want to...
Mistral Adventure Heritage
The Mistral Adventure boards have been produced in Celebration of the 40th year of Mistral's existence as a seminal watersports brand that redefined the meaning of "Water life and living".
Mistral Equinox
The Equinox takes it’s name from the change of seasons which tends to bring strong winds to certain parts of the world...
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