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Santa Anna WINDSUP packagedeal
The WindSUP® Santa Anna has been designed to be as practical as possible as both SUP and WindSUP®, so much so, that Mistral have ensured the rig pack fits as deck cargo so as the end user can paddle off in one direction and return under sail power, o...
Sumatra 10'6"
The Sumatra 10'6" is one of the three new Mistral Tribe boards. The other two Tribe boards are the Java 9'6" and the Lombok 11'5".
Lombok 11'5"
The Lombok 11'5" is one of the three new Mistral Tribe boards. The other two Tribe boards are the Java 9'6" and the Sumatra 10'6".
Mistral Adventure 11'5" x 31" packagedeal
The Mistral Adventure is a real all-round board. With the 11'5" length, it's very comfortable for touring and with the triple fin set-up also good for riding some waves.
The Ultimate guide to SUP
The low entry barrier and versatility of stand up paddle (SUP) have caused this great outdoor sport to grow in an explosive way in recent years. No matter how and where you want to paddle, this DVD covers almost all aspects of SUP and is a complete i...
Wave Carbon
The WAVE carbon blade shape is designed to use in all circumstances. The blade shape is designed for wave riding but is also an excellent versatile use paddle. Weight 495 gram
Race Straight
The SupR RACE straight is a combination of the RACE paddle blade and a straight carbon shaft. Especially made for races on flat, and easy moving water as well as for long distance touring. The narrow blade shape gives good grip and is easy to enter, ...
Mistral Vortex 14'0"x 26"
The new Mistral Vortex, available at Supboardshop.nl! Pre-order now. These boards will be available from the end of March 2016.
Mistral Bali 8'6" x 27" kidsdeal
A perfect board for kids. Not too wide so kids can make a normal paddlestroke.
The boards comes in the color green with orange, nice and fresh looking!
Mistral Nautique 12'6" x 32"
Inspired with a nautical theme, the Nautique takes its inspiration from rigid inflatable boat (RIB) designs and is presented in stark marine white and grey, in keeping with a traditional look and feel sure to please the boating eye, so as to not be o...
Mistral Equipe 14'0"
The Mistral Equipe range. The Rolls Royce under the SUP inflatable boards. The lightest boards on the market.
Starboard GO 10'8" Starshot WAVE
The Starboard GO Starshot WAVE is a great allround board. It's very stable, has a suprising long glide. Besides that, it's an absolutly colorful board.
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