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Wave Carbon

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Information SupR Paddles Wave Straight

The WAVE straight carbon blade shape is designed to use in all circumstances. The blade shape is designed for wave riding but is also an excellent versatile use paddle. Weight 495 gram

The dihedral blade shape makes the paddle easy to enter the water, and is perfect to control if you paddle small or big & huge waves.

Our SEMI-CORE concept is the latest innovation in blade design and production technology. The combination of the our unique production technology, using ultra high pressure and high temperature combined with aerospace quality materials make the semi-core concept paddles the summit in paddle quality.

• Especially designed for wave riding and versatile paddle use.
Full carbon blade, full carbon shaft & grip
Low volume of the blade for easy enter and exit of the water.
Innovative design and high end quality.
Made for the extreme, and to use for many years.
Available in 1 size only (M)
Optional is our SMART-LOCK adjustable system (25 cm length adjustable)
Price WAVE carbon € 349 and WAVE carbon + smart lock € 418
SupR has over 35 years’ experience in high-end racing paddle production. Being innovative and making the best products for their customers is what they are stand for.

Shaft material: Full carbon
Blade material: Full carbon or Semi-carbon
Weight: 590 gram carbon, 640 gram Semi carbon
Blade surface: 660 cm2
Angle: 6 degrees
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