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What is SUP? 

SUP stands for Stand Up Paddling, standing on a board and moving forwards with a paddle. The accessibility and versatility of SUP ensure that this sport has grown explosively in a short time. Whilst you are paddling, you can discover the world in a relaxed way from the water. For those who would like to paddle more intensively, SUP is also a complete workout. 
If you are looking for even more excitement, paddling in the waves or making a downwinder is also an option. 

Reason to try Stand Up Paddleboarding

For many people, SUP has already positively changed their life. There are many reasons why this simple sport gives you so much positivity. 
We will tell you all about it. 

Physical well-being

SUP is a great total body workout. Whether you are on a (long distance) tour, SUP surfing in the waves, practicing SUP-yoga or pilates, you are using all your muscles, burning calories, increasing your heart rate and making those endorphins run through your body. 
SUP forces you to activate your muscles from your the top of your head to your toes so that you will have a full body-workout. 

Mental health

It's scientifically proven that being out on the water surrounded by nature helps you to relax. The average person is (too) much inside, behind a computer and not getting out enough. Being outside you get fresh air, your skin absorbs vitamin D in the sun and you are more physically active. Endorphins are produced during paddling. This helps you to relax naturally and reduce the stress of everyday life.
Go paddling to give your (overworked) mind a break. 


If your are competitive, SUP would open a whole new world. In the Netherlands but also in other (European) countries there are various competitions all year round. These competitions / events are mainly shared via social media. If you want to know more about this but cannot find it, please contact us.
We will be happy to help you! 


SUP allows us the adventure of exploration and discovery, the ability to travel great distances and far-reaching places we’ve never been before. You can make a beautiful one-day trip but you can also bring all your gear to make a multiple day-trip. The Netherlands but also other countries are great to explorer from the water. You will be suprised by the possibilities. 




5 (health) benefits of SUP

SUP offers a variety of (health) benefits

1. You relax on the water

The water has something magical, something calming. Both, children and adults experience that being outdoors (in nature) in combination with the water can cleans you mind and calm you down. It's a great way to reduce your daily stress. 

2. It improves your core strength

When you are paddling, you are using your whole body. It's absolutely not the intension that you take everything out of your arms . If you have the right technique, you train your body from head to toe. 

3. It improves your balance

You are constantly balancing on your board. In the beginning you may be a bit unstable on your board. However, you soon notice that you can paddle more and more relaxed. It becomes your second nature and improves your overall balance, concentration and stability. 

4. SUP is a low impact activity

This makes SUP suitable for a very large group of people. It is a low impact full body workout. This means that SUP causes not much injuries. 

5. Alone or in a group

SUP is very easy to do on your own. If you don't like paddling on your own, ask someone to join you. In any case, always pay attention to your own safety. 




















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