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Kiss the Ocean

Who are we
Growing up as a windsurfer in the 80’s and Lieke (my partner) sailing catamarans and free-diving we have been up and in the water for most of our life.
We both started paddling while working for a big brand in the industry and late 2016 we decided it was time to start our own company.
Having been to Maui and getting to know more about its history and the language we came up with the name ‘Ka-Honi’ -Hawaiian for ‘the Kiss’- to us it stands for kissing the ocean, enjoying it while treating it in a respectful manor.
Our goal is to create things that make life more fun, keep the quality of our products high but keep them affordable for everyone.The first board we developed -the Mahalo- is an allround touring board wich can be used in a wide range of conditions and is perfect for taking on your travels around the world.
Grateful we are able to work in this sport and are hounered you took the time to visit this page, looking forward to seeing you on the water someday.!

Willem van Walderveen and Lieke Oude Nijeweme

Ka-honi Mahalo 11'5"
Ka-honi Mahalo 11'5" x 30"
The Mahalo is a great board for allround usage. 11'5" is a great length to keep a good glide and to manoeuvre easily. With it's 30" width it's stable and easy to paddle even for a longer distance.
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