Prolimit Prolimit SUP Long pants

Prolimit Prolimit SUP Long pants

Prolimit comes with a neoprene pant. It's ideal for Stand Up Paddling! Normally neoprene is to warm when you wear it on your upper body, but it's perfect for your legs.
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Sup long pants

A neopreen pant, it's ideal for SUP because of the Airflex 550+ neoprene. The pant is ideal to use with a top for the best regulation of your temperature. At the back of your knee, there are airflex holes. This causes more ventilation which means, that your body stay more dry, so your body will be warmer! It's the ideal protection for cold water conditions.

  • Airflex 550+
  • Flatlock construction
  • Veclro side closure of better fit
  • 2 mm



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