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Howzit neoprene jacket Luna neon/saphir
A flexible HOWZIT neoprene jacket to combine with your neoprene pant or longlady.
Howzit Longlady grey/pink
This women longjohn is specially designed for watersport. Light, super strech and breathable, this wetsuit allows you natural movements without irritation.
Starboard All Star airline 14'0" x 28" x 6"
The Starboard All Star Airline is the ultimate raceboard from the inflatable range. Available in 3 sizes (width). The Airline range reduces the difference between the hardboard and inflatable raceboards to a minimum!
HOWZIT neoprene pant 2mm black/pink
HOWZIT neoprene pant, made of 2mm flexible neoprene. This pant have an inner belt made of neoprene skin touch to keep a good fit at the waist and avoid water ingress.
Mystic Dazzled lycra pant
Mystic Dazzled lycra pant. UV protection, breathable and can be combined with the Mystic Mendina rash vest.
Mystic Diva neoprene pants 2 mm women Navy/Lime
Mystic neoprene pants for women. 2mm thick.
Mystic SUP Quickdry vest longsleeve
A Mystic quickdry longsleeve shirt. This shirt is breatable, loose fit, UV protection and has two pockets on the lower back. This shirt can also be used for MTB (for example), a multifunctional item!
Mystic Star rashvest
Mystic Star rashvest capsleeve blue. UV protection.
Mystic Diva neoprene pants 2 mm women Aurora
Mystic neoprene pants for women. 2mm thick.
Starboard Tikhine iGo Sun 11'2" x 32"
Starboard Tikhine iGo Sun 11'2" x 32" x 4.75". The Blend is an allround board with great artwork on the frontdeck. Let the summer begin!
Starboard iGo 11'2" x 31" x 5,5" Zen Lite
The Starboard iGo 11'2" x 31" 5,5" is a very nice allround board. Easy when you traveling around. It has a wider tail for a better stability. With its length also good for a good glide and speed when paddling on flatwater.
Mistral Spirit 12'6" x 28"
Touring or racing whilst traveling, or when you are just at home? It's all possible with the new Mistral inflatable race boards. Check the Spirit (12'6") when you are looking for a perfect board for racing or cruising.
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